Reducing Concrete CO2 Emissions with AI-Based Giatec’s SmartMix Application

A low-carbon economy has become a primary focus in the news, permeating all industries, including construction and the production of concrete. Every year, 20 billion tons (10 billion cubic yards) of concrete are produced globally, making it the number one product created by humans. For every kilogram of cement produced, 0.81 kilograms of CO₂ is emitted. This translates to approximately 2 billion tons of Greenhouse Gas emissions. As the global population and urbanization grows, so does cement production.

One of the most essential elements in a concrete mix design is cement. When mixed with water, this ingredient binds the components and allows concrete to set, harden, and gain strength. However, there is one problem with the production of this essential element: it emits CO₂.

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