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The American Society of Concrete Contractors has named Cleveland general contractor Donley’s Inc. and Davidson, N.C. specialty contractor Wayne Brothers Inc. as W. Burr Bennett Award for Safety Excellence recipients, based on 2019 metrics. The ASCC Safety & Risk Management Council presents the honor in partnership with major underwriter CNA, judging candidates on three years of performance indicators; a self-assessment checklist of company practices; and, detailed descriptions of safety plans and culture.

Among top-performing general contractors, Donley’s also earned an Outstanding Safety Achievement Award for lowest incident rate (160,000-650,000 work hours), joining Sundt Construction Inc., Tempe, Ariz. (> 650,000 work hours) and Quesenberry’s Inc., Big Stone Gap, Va. (> 160,000 work hours). Leading Outstanding Safety Achievement Award recipients among specialty contractors are TAS Commercial Concrete Systems, Houston (< 400,000 work hours); Procon Inc., Rocky Mount, Va. (90,000-400,000 work hours); and, Albanelli Cement Constructors, Livonia, Mich. (> 90,000 work hours).

Brandeis Machinery & Supply Co. and Power Equipment Co. recently became the first Associated Equipment Distributors member recognized by the AED Foundation as an Industry Recognized Apprenticeship Program (IRAP), a formal designation by the U.S. Department of Labor. As a Standards Recognition Entity (SRE) for the heavy equipment industry, apprenticeship program recognition allows candidates to become Certified AEDF Technicians. This distinction demonstrates that technicians have received optimal education that lives up to the industry standard.

“We know in our industry, finding qualified technicians can be a challenge,” says Brandeis Machinery and Power Equipment Market Manager Kara Hamilton. “Our apprenticeship program allows us to build a quality, knowledgeable technician staff.”

AEDF anticipates awarding more IRAPs. Such measures will help it achieve Vision 2024 goals by providing recognition to industry apprenticeship programs, thereby increasing opportunity for individuals to become distinguished heavy equipment technicians.

PCL Construction has teamed with concrete testing and real-time data collection specialist Giatec Scientific, Ontario, to extend technologies and Internet of Things-connected construction sites. The partnership will advance the Calgary-based heavy/civil contracting giant’s smart construction risk management platform, Jobsite Insights, which provides a single-pane view into all aspects of project work.

“The integration of Giatec’s technology adds yet another field driven need around concrete testing, real time data collection, and data driven decision making, fully enabling smart construction and making it a reality for the industry,” says PCI Chief Information Officer Mark Bryant. “The technology ecosystem of today needs to be enabled through smart partnerships, platforms, and technologies that can drive immediate value and efficiency. By monitoring things like temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, water leak detection, concrete strength, sound, vibration, gases, and energy consumption, to name a few, we can dramatically alter and enhance how construction is done today.”

“This partnership will make it easier than before for PCL projects to leverage the SmartRock wireless sensor technology in the monitoring of concrete curing and hardening, helping project managers optimize schedules more efficiently,” adds Giatec Chief Technology Officer Aali Alizadeh.

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