IoT Allows for Real-Time Monitoring of Concrete Curing

The Internet of Things (IoT) is enabling fundamental changes on the construction jobsite. From productivity, safety, process improvement and new tools, IoT will continue to impact the construction industry’s technological renaissance.

Specific to the concrete industry, the application of IoT in concrete curing is particularly exciting. In this process, sensors are embedded in concrete during casting and follow the curing of concrete in real time.

Technology and IoT Drive Ready-Mix Business Improvements

The Fundamentals of IoT for Construction

An accurate in-situ estimation of the compressive strength of concrete provides the opportunity to optimize critical construction operations, such as formwork removal time, opening a bridge/road to traffic, pre-stressed cable tensioning time and optimization of the concrete mix design.

Ready Mix suppliers, cement manufacturers, consulting engineers and concrete testing labs can also rely on this IoT technology to enhance service delivery.

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