Four Wireless Technologies Transforming Construction

From helping workers interconnect to predicting structural durability, wireless devices are a no-brainer technology for the entire construction hierarchy—if construction owners are serious about up-scaling productivity.

As with most construction technologies, wireless communication technology is being tested in all its shapes and sizes.

The lingering issue of slow tech adoption has pre-dominantly led companies to doubt its effectiveness, because of the upfront costs and efforts needed to run it at scale. But with wireless devices increasingly becoming common, higher-ups in construction projects are forced to avoid shirking responsibility when testing them out as most would reveal dismal results yielded by archaic project design and delivery methods.

It’s every bit as crucial to stay open to changes, especially in industries notorious of brushing custom-defying developments under the carpet. An interconnected world of today can’t survive on the auspices of the past. The poignant self-help advice of “letting go when it’s time” invariably applies to this sector when you clearly see how releasing control and allowing smart technology to do its job empowers your bottom lines.

Taken together, these five wireless construction technologies have proved to benefit construction activities from structural design to the tiniest mechanical fix.

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