A Rock-Solid Solution

SmartRock®, created by Giatec Scientific, is a cost-cutting, time-saving solution for concrete testing. Waterproof, wireless sensors measure the strength and temperature of concrete while it cures, greatly reducing reliance on third-party concrete testing agencies. 

A sensor is tied to the reinforcing steel before a concrete pour, to measure the temperature before and as the concrete flows over it. SmartRock® then provides real-time strength readings of the concrete to mobile devices via Bluetooth, allowing project teams to determine when it is possible to strip and climb the concrete formwork. 

“SmartRock® delivers the swift, efficient testing that we need to stay on track,” says superintendent Shawn Kitt. “It’s put everyone’s mind at ease because it shows us how long the concrete will take to fully cure and eliminates the risk of human error associated with gathering test samples.”

SmartRock® is accepted by the Canadian Standards Association and is in use on more and more PCL projects. 

“Concrete testing is a very time-consuming process that adds up exponentially when working on large multi-floor structures,” adds Shawn. “Leveraging the predictive data that SmartRock® provides creates cost certainty, as we can check results multiple times at no extra cost, and are able to make decisions in real time. This can save us days or sometimes weeks on a project schedule.”

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