New Customer Onboarding: Get the Most out of Your SmartRock® Concrete Sensor 

Giatec Scientific Inc.
Giatec Scientific Inc.

At Giatec, we believe in the power of technology to drive industry success. And we also know that the most powerful technology comes with a human element. This is why the users of our SmartRock® sensors should be fully trained and have continuous support from our team of experts. Based on our core values of creativity, passion, and integrity, our Engineering Solutions Specialists have been at the forefront of excellent construction solutions and best practices. A listening ear, wise judgment calls, and real industry experience are attributes we pride ourselves on offering throughout your project life cycle. In this blog, learn about new customer onboarding at Giatec.

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What Happens When You Set a SmartRock Order? 

Firstly, when our team confirms an order, they will automatically create an onboarding case for a smooth transition into the Giatec ecosystem. A specialist from the Engineering Solutions Team will immediately contact you with an introductory email. This includes some initial steps for setup and training videos and your availability to arrange for an initial onboarding session. 

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Creating an Account

Before any customer onboarding session, the Engineering Solutions team will create a company account for the client. This account will include the company details, which the initial owner and new users will be invited to. The users will receive a link via email to activate their account and create the login credentials. 

Customer Onboarding Session

The next step is to arrange a customized onboarding session via MS Teams or Zoom. It all depends on the client’s preference. This onboarding session can be split up into multiple separate sessions as required. It will cover the introduction to the sensor’s hardware, turning on and off, tagging, and critical installation steps. Additionally, it covers data analysis on the SmartRock App, web dashboard Giatec 360™, and installation setup of the SmartHub™. 

Follow-ups According to Your Needs

Users can also arrange a follow-up session to cover the Maturity Calibration method and steps. They can also delve into adding mixes on the Giatec 360 platform and training for other features. These include Temperature Differential analysis, Thermal Modelling, customized data reporting, and others required by the client. With each client having specific needs and project requirements, some may not be interested in strength monitoring or Maturity. Therefore, other features such as Thermal Modelling and Temperature Differential analysis can be introduced.

customer onboarding blog
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If the client is calibrating a new mix, the Engineering Solution Specialist can suggest the break schedule and assist in adding the results to create the mix onto the company account. During this entire crucial process, the Engineering team can also assist in coordinating meetings between the client and testing agencies and will be assisting with the analysis of the data and among other services also provide any recommendations to optimize the benefits of the whole Giatec ecosystem. 

Engineering Solutions Team is Always Ready to Help

Luckily, our specialists are available to provide a comprehensive analysis of break results, temperature monitoring, and strength gain trends. Likewise, they can answer any other questions the users may have. 

The Engineering Solutions team will regularly follow up with the client on the progress of the project, and results from using the system. However, if needed the Engineering Solutions team may be reached at the following contact at any time. 

Reach out to our Engineering Solutions team at

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SmartRock® is #1
and we can prove it!

Experience the world’s #1 concrete sensor.

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