5 Concrete Blogs You Should Check Out in 2023


As the concrete industry keeps growing, so does the number of sites that offer quality and educational content. The topics range from tips and techniques to sustainability in the industry. So, let’s check a compilation of the best five concrete blogs you should be on the lookout for this year.

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Concrete Blogs Worth Reading

Nitterhouse Masonry

This company offers specialized concrete products for architectural, residential and contractor use. Their blog includes articles with tips and guides for concrete block installations. Additionally, there are topics about the prevention of cracks and control of moisture in masonry.

Everything About Concrete

Everything About Concrete has proven to be a great source for all questions regarding concrete placing, techniques, maintenance and repairs. Their recent entries provide tips for getting reasonable price estimates for home concrete placements. Better yet, you can also find an interesting compilation of training courses to learn how to work with concrete.

Concrete Thoughts

Concrete Thoughts is a blog from Kyrton, a company that specializes in smart concrete products to assure durability with admixtures. Their blog focuses on presenting methods and systems for construction professionals. One of the sections that stand out is Concrete Best Practices, which includes recent articles about freeze-thaw resistance. They also have articles for concrete waterproofing and sustainable construction.

Specify Concrete

Specify Concrete is the blog from the Pennsylvania Aggregates and Concrete Association (PACA), whose goal is to keep the construction and concrete industry informed and up to date with the latest in trends and technology. Their most recent articles touch upon concrete sustainability with topics such as reducing emissions with AI and Portland limestone cement, as well as newer alternatives for concrete rebars.

Concrete Hub by Giatec

And last but not least, Giatec’s Concrete Hub blog is the place to look for a large array of knowledge in the concrete and construction industry. Our blogs provide great resources for professionals looking for information on temperature differentials, strength testing, concrete maturity, and deep dives into the standards and principles used in our products, like the SmartRock sensor. So, check all the quality content waiting for you.

Bonus Reading for Large Concrete Structures

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In addition to this riveting selection of blogs, you can also benefit from reading some of the work Giatec has been putting out recently. Our free Mass Concrete eBook offers a comprehensive guide to the ABCs of mass concreting, specially catered for those working on large structure projects.

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