Giatec® Announces New Partnership With Namnan Industry LLC in Mongolia

Giatec’s newest partner in Mongolia, Namnan Industry LLC will introduce the latest in smart testing technology for concrete in the region. 


OTTAWA, Ontario – Giatec Scientific Inc., the market leader in revolutionary concrete testing, announces its official partnership with Namnan Industry LLC. As of January 1, 2024, Giatec has started a new chapter with a strategic partnership in Mongolia, expanding services to more regions across the world. Sharing the same values, commitment to innovation, and dedication to delivering unparalleled benefits to the construction industry, Namnan Industry brings the expertise of its engineers to elevate the jobsite performance of new clients with SmartRock® wireless concrete sensor. 

As the world’s leading wireless concrete sensor for temperature and strength monitoring, SmartRock is currently used in over 12,000 construction projects across 85+ countries worldwide. SmartRock uses a highly accurate ASTM standards and other internationally approved testing methods, allowing faster, safer, and more economical concrete construction. We are excited to work alongside Namnan Industry LLC to revolutionize even more jobsites in Mongolia.  



Giatec is a global company revolutionizing the construction industry by bringing smart testing technologies and real-time collection and analysis of concrete data from production and delivery to placement. Giatec’s suite of hardware & software products has leveraged advanced technologies such as; Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT), including; wireless concrete sensors, mobile apps, and advanced non-destructive technologies (NDT) to drive innovation throughout concrete’s lifecycle and reduce concrete’s carbon footprint. For more information, visit 

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