Using SmartRock to Modernize Australia’s Construction Industry

Berra Construction Products Logo - Australia
Berra Construction Products Logo - Australia

Attention all Australian contractors—you can now purchase Giatec’s SmartRock concrete maturity sensors across all states and territories of Australia from our new distribution partner, BERRA Construction Products, and their network of trusted distributors.

We have chosen to partner with BERRA because of their decades of expertise in all areas of construction, their commitment to quality, and their passion for providing the latest concrete solutions.

About BERRA Construction Products

BERRA is an innovative solutions provider that delivers emerging technologies to the Australian construction industry. They work with world leaders in construction materials, equipment, and IoT solutions for the concrete, construction, infrastructure, engineering, and mining industries.

BERRA’s goal is to make construction projects more efficient, in terms of both money and time, without compromising quality. Working with a network of trusted distribution leaders, BERRA provides access to their systems in all states and territories of Australia.

Discovering SmartRock

Approximately one year ago, BERRA started exploring various maturity systems in order to reduce liability of concrete strength failures, especially in cold-weather climates.

Out of all maturity systems on the market, they were most attracted to Giatec’s smart sensors with wireless capabilities, which send concrete temperature and strength results directly to contractors’ smartphones. This real-time monitoring of concrete properties gives contractors the ability to accurately optimize construction scheduling.

By far, it’s the most accurate method of testing early-age strength of concrete. We love the way this technology can enable the industry to work smarter. It’s a better way of doing what we’ve always done—for safety, cost, project timelines and overall project efficiencies.

– Daniel Rowley, General Manager of BERRA Construction Products

SmartRock Distributors By Geographic Region

No matter where in Australia you do business, BERRA gives you access to today’s leading construction and IoT technologies through their network of distribution partners.

Map of Australia by Geographic Region
Australia: By Geographical Region

New South Wales, ACT, Victoria: CE Construction Solutions

CE Construction Solutions Logo - NSW, ACT, VIC, Australia
With over 45 years in the construction, building, engineering, and mining industries, CE Construction Solutions is a leading provider of specialist construction products and technical solutions. The company connects designers, engineers, consultants, asset owners, builders, contractors, and end users with the industry’s best products and systems to meet and exceed customers’ needs.

Western Australia: Permatech

Permatech Logo - Western Australia
Established in 1991, Permatech supplies specialist construction products to professionals from a wide range of industries. Their comprehensive offering of adhesives, sealants, coatings, and various concrete repair products, as well as their reputation for fast and affordable service, makes them one of Perth metropolitan area’s most trusted companies.

Queensland and Northern Territory: C.E. Industries

C.E. Industries Logo - Queensland, Australia
Founded in 1973, C.E. Industries has grown from a small operation supplying and installing concrete batching equipment to one of the country’s leading independent suppliers of specialized concrete and construction materials, representing over 50 product manufacturers across disciplines including concrete admixtures and repair, waterproofing and water-stops, joint fillers and sealants, non-shrink grouts, epoxy coatings, and adhesives.

All of the staff at C.E. Industries have extensive backgrounds in and unique knowledge of road building, bridges, ports, dams, water retaining structures, civil and commercial construction, runways and mining infrastructure. C.E. Industries also acts as a consultant in product selection and application for both small and large projects.

Tasmania: Build Tech Supplies

Build Tech Supplies Logo - Tasmania, Australia

With nearly 25 years of experience, Build Tech Supplies is a prominent supplier of technical building products to construction, maintenance, civil, and industrial clients. Known for their superior customer service and after-hours technical support, Build Tech goes above and beyond in providing high-tech, engineer-approved solutions to complex construction problems.

Benefits of Wireless Maturity Monitoring

Wireless Concrete Sensor and Smartphone at Construction Jobsite
Monitoring concrete temperature and strength is critical to optimizing various processes including formwork removal, post tensioning, heat curing, and opening roads to traffic. Wireless maturity sensors like SmartRock make this easier than ever. Compared to traditional cylinder break testing, the maturity method (ASTM C1074) provides countless advantages, including:

Saved Time

By delivering real-time concrete strength data directly to the contractor’s Android or iOS device, wireless maturity sensors can optimize post-tensioning, stripping formwork, and jumping form, thereby cutting weeks off project schedules.

Reduced Costs

By eliminating break tests, concrete maturity sensors increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with labor, equipment, and destructive testing.

Improved Accuracy of Results

Continuous logging of concrete temperature and strength ensures more reliable results and reduces liability for contractors.

Companies like BERRA are modernizing the construction industry by using SmartRock sensors to bring efficiency, accuracy, and safety to critical construction processes. It’s time you do too.

Use our online ROI Calculator to calculate just how much money and time SmartRock can save you.

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