2016 Product Catalogue

Our 2016 Product Catalogue is out! Please download it from here to see the latest smart concrete testing technologies developed by Giatec.

VIDEO: What is concrete maturity?

In this video, you will learn more about the concept and application of the Maturity Method in concrete. Maturity Measurement has long been known as an effective approach in estimating the early age strength of concrete materials.

Evolution of Bridge Inspection

A great article published by one of Giatec Scientific’s very own in this month’s issue of Concrete Engineering International associated with The UK Concrete Society….

Subway Lines on the Rise

The city of Las Vegas, Nevada has been notorious for its new projects in infrastructure for decades, and now a new breakthrough addition is about…

Bridge Inspection Realities

In light of The construction season upon us here in Canada, here is a very informative infographic about bridge inspection practices in America and where…

Self-Healing Bio-Concrete

An invention by Delft University microbiologist Hendrik Jonkers offers an innovative approach to creating more stable concrete by adding limestone-producing bacteria to the mix; i.e. self-healing bioconcrete.

A 21st Century Solution to our Problems

How smart technology is changing the concrete industry for the better Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit By Sarah McGuireJohn…

Concrete Electrical Resistivity

In an article published by the Concrete International, the basic concepts and measurement techniques as well as the applications of electrical resistivity method as novel NDT approach for concrete quality control are discussed.

Special Mentions of the ACI Convention

Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit After a very successful time spent at the Fountains of Concrete Knowledge ACI convention…

Detroit Sparks Infrastructural News

Another bridge in America has been deemed as deficient, which sadly comes as no shock to anyone well-educated on the current state of America’s infrastructure….

Jordan River Faces More Pollution

Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit The Jordan River in Utah is at risk of contamination due to the illegal…

Apple Brings Concrete & Sustainability Together

Another innovation is transpiring in the world of concrete, but not in the technology and software aspect. Apple Inc. has begun another project, unconventional from…

Concrete Industry Advancements

Progress Builders, a San Jose, California-based company offers a variety of services to ease construction projects and has just announced the release of new application,…

5 Remarkable Innovations

The World of Concrete 2015 trade show, hosted in the dynamic city of Las Vegas attracted over 60,000 attendees this year with over 1,400 exhibitors….

Lessons Learned From the Harmon Hotel

Get Your First SmartRock Concrete Sensor for FREE Free Demo Kit In light of Giatec Scientific’s recent visit to Las Vegas for the World of…

Celebrate Concrete!

The World of Concrete 2015 Exposition is only four days away and Giatec Scientific is excited about being able to represent our concrete testing devices…

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