Zaha Hadid’s Twisting Concrete Structure Tops Out

Photo by Alberto Fanelli © CityLife
Photo by Alberto Fanelli © CityLife

The famous international architecture firm, Zaha Hadid, has topped out the twisting skyscraper in Milan. Originally named ‘lo storto’, (‘the twisted one’), the 170 meter structure has been renamed the ‘generali tower’ after the insurance firm who will occupy the building.

Photo by Alberto Fanelli © CityLife
Photo by Alberto Fanelli © CityLife

The base of Hadid’s design will contain a commercial shopping area that connects to Milan’s underground metro system. Above, 39 storeys are dedicated to high-level executive functions, capable of accommodating around 3,200 people. In addition, an underground car park provides space for up to 380 vehicles, helping to alleviate parking issues. The concrete structure contains a central core able to withstand lateral loads, with a radial set of columns allowing the floor plan to twist as it rises — transferring the necessary vertical forces. Sun-shading louvers and a double glazing system, with integrated ventilation, will ensure a comfortable interior environment.

The CityLife development covers an overall area of 366,000 square meters. Its transformation plan provides for a structured and balanced mix of public and private programs. The three commercial towers are located at the center of the site, surrounded by residential buildings and public green spaces. These habitable dwellings also include designs from Hadid and Libeskind.

Photo © citylife
Photo © citylife


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