Icaro Mariani

Icaro Mariani

Icaro is a concrete specialist at Giatec. He has his Civil Engineer, B.Sc from the Federal University of Parana, the first Brazilian University. With his expertise in construction and concrete research, he developed an extensive study on the effect of concrete core extractions in different concrete mixes, culminating on his Master's Degree in Construction Engineering. With 7 years of experience in ready-mix concrete, he also utilizes his background to provide engineering solutions to major construction challenges using Giatec’s technology.
cold weather concreting

Reduce Heat Curing Cost of Concrete in Winter Using Maturity Method

Year over year the construction industry goes through a recurring cycle. During summer construction worksites explode in number and activity. This is the time when concrete strength development takes place at a steady pace, as the weather contributes and does not slow strength gain. …

Time cost savings of the maturity method - Copy

Concrete Maturity Method: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Concrete Maturity? Concrete maturity is a non-destructive approach that allows the estimation of the strength of in-place concrete. The method uses the temperature history of the concrete during the curing phases to estimate strength…

concrete electrical resistivity

Evaluating Concrete Quality with Electrical Resistivity

The fast-paced environment of the construction industry results in a constant search for better and more efficient ways to evaluate the quality of concrete. Despite this increase in state-of-the-art knowledge regarding concrete research, current industry practices…

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