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About Icaro Mariani

Icaro is a concrete specialist at Giatec. He has his Civil Engineer, B.Sc from the Federal University of Parana, the first Brazilian University. With his expertise in construction and concrete research, he developed an extensive study on the effect of concrete core extractions in different concrete mixes, culminating on his Master's Degree in Construction Engineering. With 7 years of experience in ready-mix concrete, he also utilizes his background to provide engineering solutions to major construction challenges using Giatec’s technology.

About Giatec Scientific Inc.

Giatec is driving breakthrough innovations in the concrete industry, bringing real-time data on concrete performance to the forefront of every construction jobsite. Their suite of hardware and software products, including non-destructive testing technologies, IoT solutions, and wireless sensors, analyze data throughout concrete’s lifecycle, helping to build structures faster, safer, and more economically.

Combining wireless concrete sensors and mobile apps, Giatec has developed smart IoT-based technologies, like SmartRock™ concrete maturity sensors, for real-time monitoring of concrete properties. This provides critical information to contractors so they can make efficient and informed decisions on the jobsite, ultimately saving time and money. Ready-mix producers also leverage the SmartRock™ Plus cloud, which gives them access to concrete performance data to optimize their mix designs. Learn More

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