Étienne Noël

Étienne Noël

Étienne Noël is a Co-op Lab Assistant at Giatec’s Research and Development Department. He is currently a 4th year student at the University of Ottawa pursuing a Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering. Working in the Research and Development department for Giatec has allowed him to greatly deepen his knowledge of the concrete industry. Giatec’s non-destructive approach to revolutionizing concrete testing is a topic that quickly interested Étienne and which he now wishes to share in order to advance in an intelligent concrete industry. See Étienne Noël’s LinkedIn profile

What is the Concrete Maturity Curve and Why Does it Matter?

Concrete has numerous properties that can be studied and recorded, but its compressive strength has generally been the center of attention. Indeed, in most projects, structures will use mix designs with the main focus being to…

Construction worker installs concrete sensor on rebar

Take Thermal Control of Your Concrete with SmartRock

Mass concrete pours are becoming more and more present in the construction industry. As our ambition grows, the size of our concrete structures grow with it. Massive pours have their specific set of challenges that must…

Construction Workers

Concrete Testing Equipment for Your Thermal Control Plan

One of the most crucial steps after a concrete pour is to consistently track the temperature.  By monitoring the temperature, you will be able to create an optimal curing environment, which will improve the overall strength of your concrete. Maintaining temperatures according…

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