Research Team

Headshot of Andrew Fahim

Andrew Fahim, M.Sc.E.

Manager, Research & Development

Andrew Fahim is a Manager for Research and Development at Giatec Scientific Inc. Among numerous scholarships, he was awarded the Ketchum Memorial Medal by the University of New Brunswick in 2016 for graduating with the highest standing in Civil Engineering.

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Sarah De Carufel, M.A.Sc.

Manager, Engineering Solutions

As Manager of Engineering Solutions for Giatec Scientific, Sarah De Carufel utilizes her civil-engineering background to assist in the development of innovative products. Her paper based on her thesis, Effect of High-Performance Steel Materials on the Blast Behaviour of Ultra-High Performance Concrete Columns, won the award for Best Paper at the 2016 First International Interactive Symposium on UHPC.

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Headshot of Sarah De Carufel
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