add_circle How long is the battery life?
The battery life is about 4 months under room temperature.
add_circle Do MTO and DOTs allow this method of concrete strength measurement?
The strength estimation according to the concrete maturity method as described in the ASTM C1074 has been specified by many DOTs in the US as well as the CSA. Here is the clause from CSA:

" In-place strength Test procedures
Unless otherwise specified by the owner, the in-place strength shall be determined in accordance with CSA A23.2-14C, CSA A23.2-15C or ASTM C1074 for the purposes of determining:
(a) when forms shall be removed or when prestressing or post-tensioning shall be applied; (b) when curing shall be terminated; and (c) when re-shores shall be removed."
add_circle What are the wires sticking out of the SmartRock?
You will find two short metal wires and a slightly longer black wire sticking out of the SmartRock device. The end of the black wire is the temperature sensor, while the two short metalic wires are used to activate the sensor and to secure it to the rebar.
add_circle What is the maximum depth I can place the SmartRock?
We recommend a maximum depth of 5cm (2 inches) to ensure that the signals from the sensor are strong enough. The signal strength weakens as you place the sensor deeper.
add_circle Can I get SmartRock with longer thermocouple cables?
Yes. Please ask for customized length when you are ordering your SmartRock package. You can get this cable as long as 10 ft.
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