An Intuitive Device for Extending the Wireless Signal of SmartRock® Sensors

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Wire-Free & Wireless Technology

SmartBooster monitors concrete data from the fully-embedded SmartRock sensors. No wires or testing labs required!

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Monitor Concrete Anywhere Onsite

Confidently check the status of your concrete and get notifications anywhere onsite from up to 65 feet away. 

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Real-Time Data Collection

After pairing, data is collected and recorded automatically by the sensor and SmartBooster and updated in the app. 

SmartBoooster boosting SmartRock signal

Extend Your Wireless Signal Up to 50% 

The SmartBooster device extends the range of the wireless signal of your mobile device, allowing you to collect data from your SmartRock sensors from up to 50% farther away. These user-friendly sensors monitor your concrete’s in-situ temperature and strength in real-time. With the SmartBooster, you can access this data from a longer distance. With real-time information collected from anywhere on the jobsite you know right away when your concrete has cured enough to move on to the next steps in your construction projects, allowing you to optimize your schedule.  


  • Access to critical data in real-time 
  • Optimize curing conditions
  • Quality control in the field 
  • Cold and hot weather conditions 
  • Commercial projects 
  • Hard to reach or hazardous locations  
Giatec SmartBooster

SmartBooster Hardware

  • Wire-free and wireless technology 
  • Rugged and wireless design 
  • Pair with different types of devices 
  • Long battery life 
  • Micro USB included 


  • SmartRock app automatically detects SmartBooster  
  • Easy data collection and analysis of multiple sensors 
  • Free SmartRock Android/iOS app with easy-to-use guide 
  • Fast and simple activation and device pairing 

Learn More About Our Award-Winning SmartRock 3 Sensor

Giatec SmartRock Sensor
Range  Up to 65 ft (20 m)*
Battery Life Up to 2 months** 
Time to Full Charge 2 hours   
Auto Sleep Mode20 mins 
USB  Micro (included)  

*Range is based on the distance between the SmartBooster and the SmartRock sensor and assumes that the sensor is embedded in the concrete no deeper than 2 inches.  

** Based on 1 hour of usage per day. 

Part No.ItemDescription


SmartBooster™ unit, Micro USB charging cable, Quick user guide.


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