It happened in Vegas: Giatec Scientific’s new tech turns heads at Super Bowl of concrete industry trade shows

Giatech co-founders
Giatec co-founders

Pouria Ghods has never been happier to feel jetlagged.

Ghods was a little groggy during his early afternoon interview with Techopia, and for good reason. The co-founder of Ottawa cleantech firm Giatec Scientific had just arrived back on Canadian soil two hours earlier, after catching a red-eye flight home from Las Vegas, where he’d attended the World of Concrete trade show.

The World of Concrete is the industry’s equivalent of the Super Bowl – the biggest event of the season, the place where everyone who’s anyone in the concrete business gathers to rub shoulders, show off new products, schmooze with existing customers and woo new ones.

Even though only about 25,000 people showed up this year due to the pandemic – far below the typical attendance tally of 70,000 or more – Ghods said it was still worth it to endure weather-delayed flights and seemingly endless rounds of COVID testing to get there and back.

“It was a really good opportunity,” he said of his first chance to engage with customers face-to-face since the pandemic began nearly two years ago.

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