Giatec to Help Reduce Concrete Emissions

Giatec has unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI) programme, which it believes can reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the concrete industry by up to 20%. 

The strategy is based on a new AI tool to cut at least  400 million tonnes annually of GHG emissions.

The construction Internet of Things company says 20 billion tonnes of concrete is produced globally every year, which translates to approximately 2 billion tonnes of GHG emissions. 

The SmartMix programme was realised after three years and more than $3 million in research efforts.

Giatec describes it as the “world’s first web-based AI programme that applies millions of data points worldwide – the richest concrete dataset assembled”.

The data comes from Giatec’s embedded wireless sensors. SmartMix analyses all the variables for a project’s specifications and creates the best mix to reduce cement use.

Giatec co-founder Pouria Ghods says: “Our mandate and our vision are that within three to five years we will significantly reduce the carbon footprint of concrete. We are already seeing these changes with SmartMix. A recent project saved an additional 15,000 pounds of cement, that’s 12,000 pounds of CO2, on a 1,000 cubic yard pour, thanks to our AI program.” 

Giatec co-founder Aali Alizadeh says: “Our goal is to revolutionise the concrete industry. Our vast database with millions of data points enables SmartMix to make accurate decisions, optimising costs and the environmental impact of concrete.” 

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