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Who would ever have imagined that the concrete industry would be adopting IoT and AI-powered technology? The journey for Giatec began in 2010; a new-age concrete revolution that started off when friends, Pouria Ghods and Aali R. Alizadeh, both Ph.D. graduates in civil engineering with a focus on concrete, realized the stark contrast between academic advancements in tools and research and the reality of bridges built just a few decades earlier collapsing and taking lives as they fell. They applied their acquired knowledge and invested their passion into a vision for more durable, secure, and sustainable construction in September of 2010.

SmartMix™ was launched  in 2021, bringing an AI-poweredmix management software to industry concrete producers and allowign them to optimize their concrete mix designs and analyze mix performance to reduce C02 emmissions.The company’s latest innovation is the SmartRock Pro sensor, teh 1st fully self-callibrating concrete strength monitoring sensor. This newest sensor measures concrete strength using multiple advanced sensing methods without requiring input from end users.

Today, Giatec is a global company currently bringing its suite of hardware and software products to 10,000 construction projects across 85+ countries, driving innovation throughout concrete’s lifecycle, and reducing concrete’s carbon footprint.

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