Concrete Sensors Designed to Gauge Corrosion

It’s been nine years since Pouria Ghods and Aali Alizadeh, two young and eager civil engineering PhDs from Ottawa, embarked on a quest to do something that would change the construction industry.

Their vision? Use their engineering skills to produce science-based technology, products and applications that would improve practices and make life easier for those working on construction sites around the world.

Together, the entrepreneurs formed Giatec Scientific, which now has a portfolio of portable smart-testing technologies that measure and monitor such things as corrosion of concrete structures.

The flagship of their enterprise is an embedded sensor technology called SmartRock that allows contractors to monitor concrete as it cures and hardens in real time.

The technology was released in late 2015 and, since then, has been used by companies on approximately 4,000 projects worldwide in 50 countries.

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