4 Tech Innovations to Boost Productivity at Concrete Plants

In the past few years, rising costs have pushed concrete producers to seek out ways to create efficiencies and digitize manual tasks and processes. The challenges created by the pandemic — maintaining safe workplaces and reducing physical touchpoints — have accelerated attempts to transform operations with technology.

In a recent cross-industry roundtable, Ryan Cialdella, VP of Innovation and Market Development at Ozinga Ready Mix, moderated a discussion with technology experts from Command Alkon, Giatec, Climate Earth, and CarbonCure.

Each of these companies has developed solutions that make it easier for concrete producers to create efficiencies, boost productivity, drive more profits in their business, and meet sustainability mandates with low-carbon concrete. 

This blog post summarizes four solutions discussed on the call that can:

  • Improve cubic yards/metres per man-hour and increase driver utilization through dispatch optimization.
  • Automate the testing of fresh and hardened concrete to ensure compliance with specifications and relevant standards.
  • Measure carbon as a new performance metric with instant Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).
  • Implement carbon utilization to create high-performing, low-carbon concrete.

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