20 Essential Construction Podcasts to Listen to in 2022

20 Essential Construction Podcasts to Listen to in 2022
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Construction podcasts provide the perfect platform for construction workers to stay up to date on industry news and operations. New construction podcasts go live every day, and industry professionals speak on everything from the latest advances in construction technology to career advice for new business owners.

Whether you’re looking for a basic introduction to the industry or need something new to tune into on the job site, our list of the best construction podcasts for 2022 is a great place to find new content. The following podcasts feature working professionals and industry experts to help listeners navigate the latest challenges, technological advancements and opportunities the construction industry has to offer.

14. Construction Revolution

Another podcast focusing on the latest technology and trends in the construction industry, “Construction Revolution” invites industry experts to talk about the ways their companies are leading innovation. Recent episodes cover topics like AI, concrete sensors, IoT and the ways they are revolutionizing the building process.

Best for: Construction professionals interested in the latest technology, trends and building practices

Average episode length: 20-40 minutes

Where to listen: Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts

Recommended episode: “A Deep Dive Into Giatec’s SmartRock Wireless Concrete Sensors with Sarah McGuire”

  • Highlights tips for efficiently securing a concrete strength estimation while focusing on Giatec’s SmartRock product
  • Features Sarah McGuire, senior director of sales at Giatec Scientific Inc.


Read this article to learn about the best construction podcasts for 2022.

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