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yellowing—discoloration of white or clear coatings caused by of aging.

yield—the volume of freshly mixed concrete produced from a known quantity of ingredients; the total mass of ingredients divided by the density mass of the freshly mixed concrete; also the number of units produced per bag of cement or per batch of concrete.

yield point—the first engineering stress in a test in which stresses and strains are determined for a material that exhibits the phenomenon of discontinuous yielding, of which an increase in strain occurs without an increase in stress.

yield strength—see strength, yield.

yoke—a tie or clamping device around column forms or over the top of wall or footing forms to keep them from spreading because of the lateral pressure of fresh concrete; also part of a structural assembly for slipforming which keeps the forms from spreading and transfers form loads to the jacks.

Young’s modulus—see modulus of elasticity (preferred term).

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