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Hot Weather Concreting

Why Is It Important to Cool Concrete in the Summer?

Summer is a busy time for the construction industry. The warm months present a chance to get a lot done, and avoid the extensive challenges that come with cold weather concreting. However, hot weather concreting can also affect the safety and durability of your structure if you do not take…

Concrete Pouring Image

6 Ways You Know to Test Concrete Field Strength and 1 You May Not Know

When choosing a method for concrete strength measurement and concrete field strength monitoring, it is important for project managers to consider the impact that each technique will have on their schedule. While some testing processes can be done directly onsite, others require extra time for concrete testing lab…

Curing Image

Curing Techniques for Improving the Compressive Strength of Concrete

As we build concrete structures, it is important to know the ability they have to withstand compressive loading and to find ways to improve it. Therefore, this blog will delve into the advantages of three practical curing techniques to enhance the compressive strength of concrete. Keep your winter…

Electrical Resistivity Image

Evaluating Concrete Quality with Electrical Resistivity

The fast-paced environment of the construction industry results in a constant search for better and more efficient ways to evaluate the quality of concrete. Despite the increase in state-of-the-art knowledge regarding concrete research, current industry practices still rely on compressive strength testing to measure concrete quality. However, the…

An Essential Guide to Concrete Formwork Removal and Cycling Benefits

An Essential Guide to Concrete Formwork Removal and Cycling Benefits

Before we delve into the process of its removal, it is essential to understand what “formwork” means in the concrete sphere. As described by Hunker, formwork that is set prior to pour concrete “serves as a frame for the shape of the concrete, holding the poured material in place as it cures.” So why the question of removing formwork? During the…

SmartRock Pro vs. SmartRock

SmartRock® Pro vs. SmartRock: What Are the Differences?

Giatec has announced the release of its newest product, the SmartRock® Pro. This new sensor provides a superior solution for general contractors and producers to cut costs and save time. But, hows does it differ from the well-known SmartRock® wireless sensor? In this blog, let’s delve into the differences and similarities between these two innovative testing technologies.


5 Concrete Blogs You Should Check Out in 2023

As the concrete industry keeps growing, so does the number of sites that offer quality and educational content. The topics range from tips and techniques to sustainability in the industry. So, let’s check a compilation of the best five concrete blogs you should be on the lookout for this year.


New Generation Technology Part 2: The SmartRock™ LoRa and its Applications

Every concrete professional aims to perform critical operations faster and with the highest possible quality. Remote monitoring systems such as the SmartHub™ Long Range developed by Giatec are valuable tools for this need. Following the first part of the SmartHub series, this blog will delve into the applications…

cement vs concrete

Back to Basics: Cement vs Concrete

How many times have you heard people use the words cement and concrete interchangeably? Probably enough for you to wonder if there is a difference at all. While there are some ways in which the terms are related, the answer is simple: concrete and cement are fundamentally different. In this blog we will discuss all you need to know to answer the question: cement vs concrete, are they different?

concrete testing lab

Revolutionizing Third-Party Concrete Testing With SmartRock® Wireless Sensors

Often, third-party testing agencies face several challenges with standard temperature and strength monitoring systems. Some of these involve relying on multiple wired components and expensive concrete monitoring systems. Subsequently, concrete testing lab facilities require extra time to produce accurate data, and this presents a burden when contractors need…

Long Range

New Generation Technology Part 1: Understanding the LoRa SmartHub™ 

As part of Giatec’s continued efforts to revolutionize the construction industry, one of the newest products released is the new generation SmartHub™ – Long Range (LoRa). In this blog we will discuss the answers to all the questions about LoRa, providing insights and introducing the end-user to the…

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