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Monitoring Concrete Temperature With SmartRock®

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Join Icaro Mariani and Jashan Singh from Giatec’s Engineering Solutions Team to learn about concrete temperature monitoring. They will discuss concrete hydration, the importance and benefits of monitoring concrete temperature, how to monitor concrete temperature, thermal modelling, and more!

Presented by

Icaro Mariani

Icaro Mariani

Manager, Engineering Solutions, Giatec Scientific

Monitoring Concrete Temperature With SmartRock

Jashan Singh

Engineering Solutions Associate, Giatec Scientific


Good day everyone, and a nice sunny morning here, or at least, afternoon here in South Africa in Cape Town. I greet you from Cape Town where the weather is confused. It should be a bit cooler than it is, but we’re enjoying some nice time here today. So great to have you with us and I’m looking forward to jumping into this webinar with you. Let’s jump off. 

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