AI-Based Concrete Mix Optimization and Performance Prediction


Predict Mix Performance

Analyzes concrete mixture proportions, material characteristics, ambient conditions, and more to predict a mix’s performance over time.


Optimize Mix Proportions

Evaluates mix’s prescriptive requirements and suggests adjustments in ingredients and proportions without jeopardizing its designed compressive strength, workability, and air content. 


Reduce Cement Usage

Examines concrete mix proportions to optimize strength gain, lower material costs, and reduce cement usage and resulting CO2 footprint. 

Comprehensive Insights into Concrete Mixes

SmartMix is a web-based dashboard that enables producers to optimize concrete materials and predict the performance of their mixes. With the SmartMix dashboard, producers can adjust the proportions of their concrete mixes, such as the use of chemical admixtures and amount of cement. With the help of Roxi™ and access to millions of datapoints used to train the artificial intelligence algorithm, the dashboard’s suggestions ensure that these adjustments will meet a mix’s designed compressive strength and other performance criteria.  

Performance Prediction

  • Predict mix performance, such as compressive strength, workability, and air content of concrete, based on a mix’s proportions, raw material characteristics, ambient conditions, etc. 
  • Meet performance specifications and prescriptive requirements such as specified slump, strength at different ages, minimum cement content, etc.  
Giatec SmartMix: Configure Mixes Screen

Mix Optimization

  • Analyze and evaluate the influence of mix adjustments, such as the use of chemical admixtures or supplementary cementitious materials on concrete performance. 
  • Formulate concrete mixes at minimal costs and with a reduced carbon footprint. 
  • Integrate Roxi, SmartRock’s AI program, with other concrete data management platforms using our comprehensive REST API, accessing more insights into the quality control and quality assurance of concrete. 

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