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AI-Powered Precision for Every Concrete Mix

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Instant ROI

Unlock immediate dollar savings with our precise optimization suggestions, powered by years of AI learning. Giatec’s SmartMix enables producers to save up to $3 per yard within minutes for next day’s production.

AI-Powered Decision Making

SmartMix’s advanced AI technology empowers producers to unlock the full potential of their data, enabling informed decision-making for enhanced efficiency and profitability. Steer your concrete quality goals with AI-powered precision, putting you in the driver’s seat.

Drive Sustainability

Lead the way in sustainability with our solution, cutting CO2 emissions by up to 30% while still meeting performance requirements. Adjust for changing specifications without compromising on quality or profits.

AI-Powered Mix Optimization that puts Ready Mix Producers in Control

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Maximize Saving Opportunities

SmartMix automatically amalgamates data across thousands of tickets, providing instant reports to identify opportunities and cut waste, while maintaining performance. It calculates and gives insight into the greatest opportunities for optimization across high-production mixes, which allows experts to make decisions based on what’s most impactful to their business. SmartMix users are already reducing costs by up to 20% in a single mix! 

While cement reduction is a major component of concrete mix optimizations, it is by no means the sole defining factor. SmartMix excels at providing recommendations that are both optimal in cost and environmental impact, paving the way for CO2 reduction in the long run. 



AI-Powered Precision 

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence, SmartMix processes data across your concrete operations providing instant reports and insights to identify optimization opportunities and reduce waste. Its predictive capabilities enable rapid, impactful decision-making for both incremental adjustments and large-scale optimizations. With endless scenarios generated in seconds, SmartMix breaks down the changes across all options, allowing you to choose what is best for your business. Save your new revision and automatically push to your batch system with just the click of a button.

Trusted by the Best

Centralized Data Management

SmartMix’s cloud-based technology breaks down data silos by connecting disparate systems, ensuring seamless flow of information related to your concrete quality from end-to-end. By seamlessly integrating with concrete batch, dispatch, quality control, and telematics solutions, SmartMix amalgamates data into a single view. Storing data on the cloud ensures accessibility, scalability, and security, empowering businesses to leverage their information effectively. With centralized data management and AI-driven processing, SmartMix ensures swift access to critical insights and maximizes efficiency by facilitating informed decision-making and eliminating double entries. Giatec offers personalized consultations, working directly with producers to define the optimal architecture tailored to their current systems.

Empowering Quality Control Experts

Your quality control department is the epicenter of ready-mix organizations and is paramount for maximizing profitability while managing the costliest aspect of your business – your materials. With SmartMix, you can revolutionize your concrete mixtures by empowering producers and QC experts to monitor material performance and uncover savings opportunities like never before.

For ready mix producers that do not currently have a go-to system for all their concrete performance data, SmartMix offers core quality control functionalities that will act as your database of mix designs, submittal generation, cost changes and more.

Sustainable Mix Management

As the concrete industry faces rising demands for both performance and sustainability, SmartMix serves as a tool for meeting these demands without sacrificing quality. By providing optimization suggestions for cost, CO2 emissions, or both, SmartMix ensures performance standards are met while minimizing financial and environmental impacts. With the emergence of new materials, requirements, and specifications to drive sustainability, SmartMix empowers producers to effectively capture and report their Co2 emissions, that will enable simpler EPD reporting among other specifications. As new specifications and materials emerge in the concrete industry, to reduce emissions, SmartMix will act as a tool to model new scenarios. With SmartMix, producers can confidently navigate towards a future where sustainability and profitability align, shaping a more efficient and eco-friendly concrete industry.
Meet Roxi™, the world’s first Artificial Intelligence algorithm tailored specifically for the concrete industry and an official member of the Giatec family since her birth in 2019. Roxi plays a crucial role in enhancing SmartMix’s capabilities by pinpointing optimization opportunities and detecting errors beyond human capacity. Serving as a trusted advisor, Roxi is designed to offer assistance, not to assume control, empowering users to make smarter decisions. With access to a vast and growing database of over 200,000 mixes worldwide, Roxi is continually evolving, contributing to SmartMix’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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