Wireless Concrete Sensor for Resistivity and Temperature Monitoring

Measure & monitor electrical resistance, temperature, & setting time of fresh concrete

Product discontinued: SmartBox is now a Giatec legacy product 

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Wire-Free & Wireless Technology

Monitor the durability and temperature of fresh concrete without impacting structural integrity.
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Easy Activation & Installation

Quick to setup in any location, this sensor allows you to monitor concrete properties hassle-free.
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Accurate Real-Time Data Display

Data is automatically recorded by the sensor and updated directly in the user-friendly mobile app.

Predict Setting Time of Fresh Concrete

SmartBox™ is a wireless sensor for measuring and monitoring the electrical resistivity and temperature of fresh concrete. Monitoring these properties provides insights regarding the water content of your mix, giving you a good indication on the setting and hardening time of your concrete. This data is recorded by the SmartBox device where it can be downloaded in the mobile app (available for Android).


  • Water content in fresh concrete 
  • Prediction of setting time 
  • Setting time measurement 
  • Crack detection in concrete 
SmartBox Software


  • Free Android app
  • Easy data sharing
  • Accurate real-time data display
  • Simultaneous measurement of electrical resistivity and temperature


  • Wire-free and wireless technology
  • Rugged and compact design
  • Long battery life
  • Fast, simple, and hassle-free activation and installation
SmartBox Hardware

This method of resistivity measurement is not standardized and is suitable for various research applications. However, AASHTO TP 95-11 – Standard Method of Test for Surface Resistivity Indication of Concrete’s Ability to Resist Chloride Ion Penetration provides the test standard for surface electrical resistivity measurement. 

Reading Range1 – 3000 Ω
Measurement Frequency10 KHz
Accuracy± 2%
Measurement Time<1s
Battery LifeUp to 3 months
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The battery life on a single charge is about 3 months for basic data log under room temperature.

The standard log follows this schedule:
First 24 hours: every 5 minutes
Next 72 hours: every 1 hour
After that: every 6 hours
We also have custom log which provides a fix log interval in minutes (1 min to a couple of days). This can be changed by the user in the app menu.

The device can store 1024 data points in the following format:
Time | Date | Temp (C) | Resistance (ohm)
10:20 | 10/02/2015 | 23 | 789

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