Wireless Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor

Easy & accurate temperature & humidity readings of flooring applications​

Product discontinued: BlueRock is now a Giatec legacy product with end of support on Jan 1st, 2023

Surf™ | Concrete Surface Resistivity

Wire-Free & Wireless Technology

Unlike current destructive methods for temperature and humidity monitoring, this sensor is non-destructive, requiring no drilling into flooring to take measurements. 

Surf™ | Concrete Surface Resistivity

Easy Activation & Installation

Fully embedded on the rebar with no wires or testing labs required, this sensor is easy-to-use and hassle-free.

Real-Time Data Collection via App

Temperature and humidity are continuously measured and recorded by the sensor and updated on your mobile device.
SmartBox™  | Wireless Concrete Resistivity

Fully-Embedded Waterproof Sensor

BlueRock™ is a wireless sensor for monitoring the temperature and relative humidity of in-place concrete from fresh to hardened stages. Monitor variations in your concrete’s internal humidity in real-time via LTE/Wi-Fi connection using the BlueRock mobile app (available for Android/iOS devices). This data is used as a QC/QA method. By knowing the level of humidity of in-place concrete, you can optimize the timing in which floor coverings are installed, such as resilient flooring, epoxy coating, or wood.


  • Drying level in concrete floors
  • Effectiveness of curing conditions
  • Optimization of flooring installation
  • Water penetration in concrete
  • Monitoring of relative humidity
BlueRock™ | Concrete Humidity Sensor


  • Accurate real-time data display (i.e. humidity and temperature)
  • Free Android and iOS app
  • Interactive plotting of data
  • Full PDF & CSV reporting and data exporting
  • Continuous measurement and recording of humidity and temperature
  • Customizable data measurement frequency
  • Memory capable of recording up to 2500 data points


  • Wire-free and wireless technology
  • Rugged and waterproof design
  • Easy installation and activation by tying the wires together
  • Long battery life (up to 2 years after installation)
BlueRock™ | Concrete Humidity Sensor

Get Started with BlueRock in 3 Easy Steps

BlueRock™ | Concrete Humidity Sensor

1 Activate & Install

BlueRock™ | Concrete Humidity Sensor

2 Pour Concrete

BlueRock™ | Concrete Humidity Sensor

3 Get Sensor Data


Temperature Reading Range-22°F to 140°F (-30°C to 60°C)
Temperature Accuracy1± 1.8°F (± 1°C)
Relative Humidity Reading Range0 to 100%
Relative Humidity Accuracy2 20% – 80%, ±2% <20% or >80%, ±3% Hysteresis ±1%
Wireless Signal Range3Up to 26 ft (8 m)
Battery LifeUp to 2 years

1 Accuracies are tested at Outgoing Quality Control at 25°C and 3.0V. Values exclude hysteresis and long-term drift and are applicable to non-condensing environments only.

2 Normal operating range: 0-80% RH, beyond this limit sensor may read a reversible offset with slow kinetics (+3% RH after 60h at humidity >80% RH).

3 The wireless communication range is reduced as the sensor is embedded deeper in the concrete. The maximum recommended concrete depth for embedding the sensor in the field is 2 in (5 cm). At this depth, the user can communicate with the sensor within a couple of meters. 

Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice.


The battery life is up to 2 years under room temperature.

No, the BlueRock is not a standardized method. If you want to learn more about the difference between the standardized method and the embedded BlueRock sensor to measure relative humidity of your concrete please contact Giatec technical support team they will gladly walk you through the difference between the two measurement methods.

The relative humidity of fresh concrete will be 100%. Only in concrete with a low water-cement ratio where self desiccation occurs (typically w/c < 0.38) will the relative humidity start dropping very quickly after the pour.

It depends on multiple factors such as the exposure conditions, the w/c ratio, the type of concrete, or the depth of the element. Typically it can range between 10 months to a year or more before the relative humidity starts dropping.

Yes, if an element is continuously exposed to the environment or a constant source of water, the relative humidity of the concrete will remain at 100%.

The BlueRock™ sensor will measure relative humidity right at the sensor location and therefore, one sensor cannot represent the condition of an entire floor. We recommend following the ASTM F2170 placement location to get the best representation of the relative humidity across a concrete element. The sensors will not be able to identify very localized spills or water infiltration unless there is a sensor at that specific location.

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