Wireless Concrete Maturity Sensors Speed Construction Completions

Low-cost wireless sensors are replacing the century-old practice to determine when a concrete pour has properly cured.

Stoneway Concrete sells Giatec concrete sensors to contractors and uses them in their own projects to gain a more accurate, more valuable understanding of concrete performance and to speed up their construction processes.

Wireless Giatec SmartRock sensors collect data from inside newly placed concrete and transmit it to the cloud so contractors get an objective measure of curing progress.

“Our customers have a need to know how their concrete is performing, especially at early ages of the concrete,” says Greg McKinnon, operations manager for Stoneway Concrete. “For commercial work, where they need to post tension and they are looking for a specified strength in a short period of time, they are able to monitor it and know the real-time temperature of the in-place concrete.”

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