Wireless Temeperature/Maturity | Projects

Claridge Sterling Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Giatec SmartRock™ was used in this high-rise concrete structure to monitor the strength development required for formwork stripping decisions.

“It is very easy to work with the SmartRock™ sensor. It is simple to install. The mobile app makes it convenient to see the live strength value” Eric Gauthier, Site Supervisor, Bellai Construction.
Wireless concrete sensor in the Claridge Sterling project
Ottawa Light Rail Train (OLRT) Tunnel Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Giatec SmartRock™ is installed in the Confederation Line project. The sensor was successfully utilized for temperature monitoring of self-leveling concrete. It involved installation of SamrtRock™ sensors in the lining of the subway tunnel. The history of temperature variations was monitored using the sensor. Using the available strength-maturity relationships, the strength of concrete was predicted.  
Wireless concrete temperature sensor for the tunnel lining at OLRT
The 199 Slater Project Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The SmartRock™ sensor were successfully utilized in multiple floors in this project. The wireless sensor measured and recorded the temperature from the pouring time. The mobile app was used to collect the recorded data and calculate the real-time strength of concrete in situ. This information was used to determine the timing of breaking cylinders.

“Wow, this sensor is amazing. It has helped us move the forms much faster.” Dax Buckberrough, Site Superintendent, Broccolini.  
Wireless concrete quality control
Ciena Project Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The SmartRock™ sensors were used to monitor the strength development in concrete in order to optimize the schedule of form-work stripping. The wireless sensor provided real-time information of hardening of concrete and helped the client avoid lengthy delays in obtaining the laboratory break test results.  
Wireless concrete quality control