Smart Concrete™ for Pavement Application

Optimizing Project Scheduling for Concrete Pavement

The Smart Concrete™ technology offers an accurate and simple solution for real-time monitoring of concrete strength during construction. Through this technology, the Smart Concrete wireless sensor is first embedded in the concrete during the placement. Then, the Smart Concrete™ mobile app is used to connect to the sensor wirelessly and view the concrete temperature and strength data on the jobsite, which is instantly shared between the team members.

Smart Concrete™ offers great advantages for pavement application where the strength data is required to optimize opening road to traffic. Tomlinson, a Smart Concrete™ producer, has successfully used the Smart Concrete™ technology in one of their recent pavement projects. In a portion of the Highway 417 where panel replacement was required, Smart Concrete™ was used to determine when the lanes can be opened.

Concrete Pavement Roads

How Smart Concrete™ Helped Improve Project Scheduling

The access to real-time strength results on the jobsite significantly improved the project scheduling. Engineers were able to determine quickly (within an hour) when they can open traffic on the concrete pavement. Previously, concrete cylinders were used to determine the concrete strength. The cylinders had to be sent to a lab 100 km away for the break test.

The Smart Concrete™ technology is based on the well-established concept of concrete maturity according to the ASTM C1074 standard. This test method is also specified by the CSA A23.1,2 as a means and method of measuring the in-place strength of concrete.