4-Steps for Contractors to Use Smart Concrete in Their Projects

Smart Concrete is a powerful new technology designed to help contractors gain control of their jobsite. By knowing real-time concrete performance, contractors can better control their schedule, their crews, their cost, and their profitability on a project. Contractors can start building their first project with Smart Concrete in just four easy steps.

1) Partner with a Smart Concrete Producer:

The Smart Concrete solution starts with a licensed ready mix concrete producer. Licensed producers are able to sell concrete mixtures that incorporate the unique Smart Concrete sensors. Through a pre-established mixture calibration, the sensors can connect to a cell phone app to report real-time strength of the concrete.

2) Buy Smart Concrete Mixes:

Smart concrete producers have a variety of mixes calibrated and ready. Matching the performance requirements of the project, the Smart Concrete producer can help the contractor identify a mix that fits the application whether it be paving, post-tensioned decks, structural columns, or industrial elements.

3) Install and Activate Sensors:

Upon ordering a Smart Concrete mix, the producer will provide the contractor with the correct number of sensors to match the order size. By twisting together the mounting wires around a piece of rebar, each sensor can be individually installed within the placement section. Once installed, the sensors can be activated through the easy to use cell phone app. After placing concrete within the forms, as usual, the sensors will start to measure the properties.

4) Connect and See Real-time Strength:

After the concrete sets, the mobile app will be able to connect to the sensors and report real-time strength. Each time anybody on the project connects to a sensor, the data is automatically uploaded to the cloud and shared with everybody on the project: the contractor’s personnel, the ready mix producer, and maybe the structural engineer or the building inspector. From the app, the contractor can generate pdf reports showing the performance of the concrete at each sensor location without having to process the data or go to the office.

Smart Concrete is that easy for contractors! In four simple steps contractors can quickly begin using Smart Concrete on their projects.