Forensic Investigation of Algo Mall Collapse Elliot Lake, Ontario, Canada
Giatec’s team of concrete and corrosion experts have utilized their novel technologies for accurate detection and evaluation of deteriorations in the structure of the Algo mall where a roof section collapsed on June 23rd, 2012. Comprehensive laboratory tests was carried out in order to identify the exact mechanisms that lead to the collapse of the mall roof.
Elliot Lake Algo Mall Collapse
Non-Destructive Testing of Agriculture Canada CEF Building 7 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Various on-site tests were conducted in the non-destructive assessment of a concrete floor in the CEF Building 7. The concrete slab had visible signs of cracking. The corrosion of the steel reinforcement was evaluated. The sub-structure was visually inspected.  
crack on the concrete slab
Quality Control and Optimization of Concrete Production Line at RENOSTONE Lightweight Concrete Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Renostone produces lightweight concrete stones and bricks for various architectural applications. In this project, Giatec is reviewing the production procedure in order to make it more efficient according to the highest standards so that the final material is even stronger and more durable. The possibility of employing novel methods to manufacture green lightweight artificial stone is investigated.
Renostone Concrete Tiles
Quality Control of Concrete Materials for Storm Project Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Storm provides wireless high speed internet services to remote areas in urban and rural communities. The project involves building communication towers. The foundation of the towers is made with concrete and has to be durable without any volume change over its service life. Giatec RCON™ device is utilized for the performance-based quality control of concrete materials in this project. concrete foundation
Concrete Foundation (Design and Repair) Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
The foundation of residential buildings is generally made from concrete. Concrete foundations are subjected to various environmental conditions such as sulfate attack from the soil, freeze and thaw, chloride penetration, salt crystallization, and uneven settlement. These conditions can cause cracking and sapling in hardened concrete and decrease the stability and integrity of foundation. It is critical to consider these parameters before preparing the structural design and materials mixtures for a concrete foundation. Giatec has the expertise required to design durable residential concrete foundations, perform quality control during the construction, and conduct detailed condition assessment of foundations. In addition, various rehabilitation and repair methods are offered for strengthening the deteriorated foundations.
Renostone Concrete Tiles