Giatec Perma2™

Giatec Perma2™ is a laboratory test device for the measurement of the electrical resistance of concrete against the penetration of chloride (RCPT) according to the standard methods such as ASTM C1202, AASHTO T277 and ASTM C1760. The measurement data can be used to estimate the chloride diffusion coefficient of concrete for the service life prediction and design of concrete structures as well as the durability-based quality control of concrete. Perma2™ is electrically certified for rapid chloride penetrability test in concrete laboratories and its measuring cell sizes are according to the ASTM and AASHTO specifications. Equipped with a verification kit, Perma2™ is an accurate test device for concrete labs.


Perma2™ Test Setup Tutorial Video
Perma2™ test device
Verification kit for Rapid Chloride Penetrability Test
Perma2™ stand-alone device
Perma2™ Data Monitor PC software
Exploded view of the sample cell
Concrete sample cell for Perma2™
Vacuum pump and desiccator
Back panel of Perma2™

In concrete materials, the DC electrical resistance of concrete is correlated with important durability parameters of concrete such as chloride diffusion coefficient and the chloride migration coefficient that are used for the durability design or service life design of concrete structures.

Perma2™ is a laboratory device for testing the durability of concrete exposed chloride-contaminated environment including:

  • Concrete’s ability to resist chloride ion penetration (ASTM C1202, AASHTO T277)
  • Bulk electrical conductivity of concrete (ASTM C1760)
  • Performance-based quality control of concrete
  • Estimation of chloride diffusion coefficient of concrete
  • Estimation of chloride migration coefficient of concrete
  • Stand alone operation
  • Easy-to-assemble
  • Accurate (±0.1 mA)
  • Auto-seal cells with rubber gasket and spacer (i.e. does not require caulking)
  • Flexible logging interval time (1 to 10 min)
  • Automatic temperature control system
  • Four measurement channels
  • User-friendly PC software (optional)
  • Customizable setup
  • USB connection to computer (optional)
  • Verification kit accessory (optional)
Applied Voltage60 ± 0.1 V
Range of current measurement0 ~ 500 mA ± 0.1 mA
Temperature measurement range0 ~ 100°C
Measurement channels4
Short circuit protection systemYes
Measurement display on LCDYes
Remaining time display on LCDYes
LCD display area65x33 mm
Dimensions of Perma2™ Device280x240x104 mm
Weight2 Kg
Operating conditions
Operating temperature 15 ~ 45 °C
Operating humidity30 ~ 80%
Storage temperature0 ~ 70°C
Operating voltage/current100 ~ 240 V, 50-60Hz
Part No.ItemDescription
900070Perma2™ Rapid Chloride Permeability Test - Full PackagePerma2™ unit, Complete set of test cells , Temperature sensors, Test cables, Power cord, USB cable, User manual, Communication software, Gauged vacuum pump assembly, Desiccator assembly
900071Perma2™ Test PackagePerma2™ unit, Complete set of test cells , Temperature sensors, Test cables, Power cord, USB cable, User manual, Communication software
900073Sample Preparation Package-115VVaccum pump, Vaccum desiccator, Vaccum gauge, Vaccum and water hosing
900072Sample Preparation Package-230VVaccum pump, Vaccum desiccator, Vaccum gauge, Vaccum and water hosing
900044Perma2™ DevicePerma2™ unit, Temperature sensors, Test cables, Power cord, USB cable, User manual, Communication software
900064Verification KitVerification kit is required to verify the test results

The following replacement parts are available upon request:

Part No.ItemDescription
900021Test CellPlexiglas holder, Rubber gasket cast (4" Dia), Stainless steel mesh, Plastic spacer,Bolts, Nuts
900027Stainless Steel Mesh - Pair130 mm diameter
900028Rubber Gasket Cast - Pair100 mm (4") diameter
900039Rubber Gasket Core - Pair95 mm (3.75") diameter
900022Test Cable SetTest cable with banana male plug
900023Temperature SensorDigital temperature sensor
Q1: What vacuum pressure is the vacuum pump setup for conditioning the specimens?
A: According to the ASTM C1202, a vacuum pressure of 50 mm Hg should be applied. This is equivalent to a maximum of about -28 in Hg on the pressure gauge supplied with the Perma2™ vaccum pump. So, it is required to keep the pressure using the vacuum pump supplied, less than -28 in Hg during the conditioning of the RCPT specimens.

Q2: Is caulking required for the testing cell ?
A: No, caulking is not needed for Perma testing cell. The specimen should have epoxy coating, in order to keep the chloride penetration one-dimensional.

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