Calling all innovators, creators, problem solvers, and trend setters.

Giatec is a fast-growing company and we are always looking for curious driven minds who are not afraid to speak their mind! Join the team and help us drive the engine we have started.



  • 2013 Industrial Design Certificate of Registry
  • Canadian Intellectual Property Office
Pouria Ghods Corrosion Innovation Award 2019
Aali Alizadeh
"The vision for Giatec extends well beyond revolutionizing the concrete industry. Our team is driving innovations to completely transform the way we build cities and infrastructure. We hope you join this exciting adventure."

Aali R, Alizadeh

What's Like to work at Giatec?

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Small teams

Our teams are small and cohesive. We support open communication and cross collaboration. Being a horizontal organization allows us to be agile and streamline communication. You don’t need to go through 5 team members to make decisions or obtain approvals!   

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Even though we appreciate individual work and support autonomous efforts, we believe that teams can achieve better results, because experience shows that two heads are better than one!

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You can make a change! We empower our team members not only to talk about their ideas, but also have an opportunity to implement them. 

Our employees have the freedom to come forward with new ideas and find creative solutions to help us drive our revenue engine to success!

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Diversity and Inclusion

We are strong believers of inclusion and diversity. Giatec connects different people, with different stories and different backgrounds. For us, diversity is key, and our strength as we believe that people with diverse backgrounds in cooperation can produce better results.

Our team members speak in more than 12 languages.

Our Perks

  1. Work-life integration

    We do not draw an imaginary line between work and life as we believe they should fit together.

    We care about our employees’ well-being. Every employee for us is an important, significant team member. For this reason, we always help our employees to achieve their professional and personal aspirations by providing learning, development and growth opportunities. Read more about Work-Life Integration at Giatec. 

  2. Team Adventures

    As a part of work-life integration, we invest in frequent activities that we can provide to our team! We love to have fun outside the office, from white-water rafting, to egg hunts, trivia, and football games!

    Our main goal is to allow everyone to have fun and build a better, stronger Giatec team!

  3. Vacation time

    At Giatec, we are offering different paid time off options to meet everyone’s needs. All our team members start from 3 weeks of vacation which they can increase throughout their career with us as a part of our recognition and loyalty programs. On top of that, Giatec offers paid and flexible Life Days, Volunteer Day and Birthday off.

  4. Flexible Health Benefits

    At Giatec, we care about our employees’ well-being and health. We offer a flexible Health Benefits Plan which has many advantages and is built to meet various health needs and situations. We also offer a Health Care Spending Account along with an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

  5. Wellness Program

    At Giatec, we believe that employee wellness is a vital aspect of building a happier and more productive workplace.

    We want our team members to feel productive and energized – to do that we want to encourage our employees to spend their free time with value for their physical and mental health. As a part of Wellness Program employees can get reimbursement for their various activities which include sports activities, memberships and classes, music and art classes or courses, mindfulness sessions, and even more.

  6. Leadership Development

    One of our main goals is to create effective and efficient teams that will be empowered to act fast; and be strategic, innovative and creative. We believe in strong leadership, that even small teams need leaders and that anyone can lead. We try to grow our leaders from within by providing learning and development opportunities for them and by allowing them to gain experience!

  7. Personal and Professional Development

    We provide in-house courses, extensive training, Lunch & Learns, and many other resources to enable you to achieve your personal goals and be successful in your career.

  8. Snack Haven

    With a fully stocked kitchen and strong coffee, stay on the ball and kick those drowsy days to the curb. We provide different options for different tastes and dietary requirements. If you get hangry, we have you covered!

Life at Giatec

We Have Your Back

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Team Adventures

Work hard and play harder! We love to have fun outside the office, from whitewater rafting, to egg hunts, trivia, and football games!

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Wellness & Giving Back

A healthy life for you and others is important. We have a benefits plan, provide personal days, a day off on your birthday and a paid volunteer day off.

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Get Active

Hoping to stay active? We offer a monthly fitness allowance and the opportunity to join our competitive seasonal sports team. GO TEAM SPIRIT!

Snack Haven

With a fully stocked kitchen and strong coffee, stay on the ball and kick those drowsy days to the curb. If you get hangry, we have you covered!

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Collaborative Environment

We believe two brains are better than one! Our employees have the freedom to implement new ideas and find creative solutions to help us drive our revenue engine to success!

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Personal & Professional Development

We provide in-house courses, extensive training, Lunch & Learns, and many other resources to enable you to achieve your personal goals and be successful in your career.

Our Culture

Our culture is our engine – something that powers /drives us.

For us, culture is not just a statement. It’s our mechanism to make the lives of our employees better every day and help us to achieve our strategic goals. Our culture is an integral part of the company. It is not just loud words and a corny statement. Our culture is the baseline for everything we do!

Our culture is based on the belief of work-life integration where we value our employees not only for what they do but also for who they are. We have created an environment where everyone is allowed to have fun, express themselves and learn, while actively contributing to Giatec’s growth and development.


Our culture is fun! One of our goals is to create a fun work environment where all employees will feel valued and appreciated. Giatec hosts different monthly events. We consistently build our team and strive to make our employees happy! Our team members know how to have fun! Still don’t believe us? Check out the rest of the page 🙂

Hard Work

We are working hard to bring smart and novel testing technologies to the concrete industry. Our goal is to make job sites more connected, efficient, and safe. We are also working to make concrete infrastructure smarter through the development of easy-to-use wireless technologies.

Internships and Co-ops

Every term we post various roles for co-op students. We love young talent and believe that we are capable to grow great professionals. We provide not only a great student experience but also allow our students to acquire a hands-on approach and build practical experience. Learn and explore the tech industry with us!

We cooperate with Ottawa’s Universities and Colleges but you’re always welcome to apply via our Career Website as well.

Your career path

We offer co-op and internship opportunities in more than 7 fields from administration to software development. What is your passion? We help you to explore diverse roles in the organization. 

We actively involve our students in the projects and give them real tasks which help them to build real skills and learn how to work in a team environment. With us you’re not going to build just your resume, you will get an amazing experience!

Career opportunities with Giatec

We love to hire our co-ops and interns upon graduation. If you’re doing good, you’re likely to receive an offer from us. We have amazing stories about how our co-ops became our valued employees!

Read our employees’ blog.

Recent Graduates

Just graduated? Ready to start your career? At Giatec we offer some entry-level roles that may a good opportunity for you.

Click here to see open positions.

We’d love to learn more about you!

Apply today for our co-ops and internships opportunities. Don’t forget to submit your cover letter!


Recruitment process:

During our Recruitment Process, you will meet with a variety of people and teams as we want not only to learn more about you, but also to provide you with a good sense of who we are.

  1. Phone call
    Initially, we will schedule a quick phone call with HR. You will have an opportunity to tell your story and we will discuss your career plans and expectations. Also, you will be able to ask any questions about the role and Giatec!
  2. Interview
    During this 1 hour interview, you will have an opportunity to meet with your potential manager and HR. We walk together through your education and work history. During this stage, we will also assess some personality qualities that are required for the role.
  3. Testing / Assignment Stage
    We value our candidates experience and knowledge and we would love to have a firsthand look at your approach, creativity, quality, and communication. The assignment usually varies by department, but we will let you know what’s expected from you.
  4. Culture Fit with our Executive Team
    If you made it to this stage, it means we’re serious about you. The interview with our CEO is our way to make a last check on candidate’s culture fit.
  5. Test
    We may ask you to take a test. Personality or aptitude tests assess behavioral patterns and traits that affect an individual’s workplace performance. We believe in science and want to know about your superpowers!

Our main goal is not just to find our top-notch candidates, but also to create a great recruitment experience for our candidates! For this reason, we have created a multi-staged recruitment process that allows us to make the best hiring decisions. We are doing our best to eliminate any bias and base our decisions on data we collected throughout the process. Our process is free from discrimination on any basis and we are happy to provide accommodation to those candidates who require it. Our decisions are based on the specific skills and experience that you have.

To be considered for the role, we require to submit the whole application which includes your updated resume, cover letter, email address and contact info. You will also need to answer all application questions. We will not be able to review your application if you didn’t submit all the required info.

Show us that you’re really interested to become a part of Giatec!

We respect our candidates’ privacy and will always obtain your permission first.

The main rule: be prepared! Our interview process is how we build our impressions of you and your knowledge and experience. There are a few things you can do before our call or interview:

  • Review our website to learn more about Giatec. Why are you interested in working with us? What attracted you the most to the role?
  • Review the original job posting.
  • Think about the types of questions we are going to ask you and think of great examples that match the requirements of the position.
  • At Giatec we use structured interview questions that are focused on your past behaviour and situations.
  • If using technology, ensure you have a good connection in advance and make a reasonable effort to avoid potential issues.
  • Just relax and be confident! Our interviews have a very interactive an informal pace. We want to learn more about you, so don’t be scared and show us your best qualities.

Usually we move fast in our recruitment process. The general timeframe is around 1 month from start to finish. Our timeline may change depending on various factors, but we will always keep our candidates posted on where they stand and how long the process will take.

There is a place for you here!

Haven't found the right fit?

Reach out to us we want to hear from you!

Finding a job is a grueling process, WE KNOW! At Giatec we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to find the perfect position, and we want to discuss how your dream job could be here with us. Don’t wait for the position to open, go out and get it!

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