SmartRock helps saving project cost

SmartRock Saves Project QC/QA Cost

We are proud to see that smart concrete sensors benefit our customers in their projects. Here are testimonials from the industry leaders using SmartRock temperature/strength monitoring.

Team 2

Jon Belkowitz, PhD

Head of R&D at Intelligent Concrete

“The Giatec SmartRock device is the next wave in concrete maturity technology. This new and cutting edge concept puts quality control and quality assurance back into the hands of the concrete manufacturer and for the first-time ever, in the hands of the contractor. Operating the SmartRock sensor is intuitive and the confidence it provides is priceless.”

Team 2

Walter H. Flood, P.E.

Principal at Flood Testing Labs

“Monitoring of the real time strength using SmartRocks has allowed us to advise airport personnel when to open a runway for use on critical 56 hour closure. Their ability to remain below the top slab elevation allows workmen to place and finish the concrete without disturbing the sensors. The software has been excellent in strength estimation.”

Team 2

Allan Hayes

Construction Quality Manager at Regional Rail Partners

“The SmartRock has been a good investment in that it’s extremely user friendly, convenient, and saves us time. I especially love that it’s wireless, because now we don’t have to go looking under blankets to find sensors or worry about making a physical connection. This alone saves us about an hour every time we record temperature.”