Experimental studies on epoxy coated reinforcing steel for corrosion protection

In a severely corrosive environment such as a marine splash zone it is necessary for thickness of cover to be made fairly large in order to protect steel in concrete from corrosion. It is also necessary for crack width to be limited to a fairly small size. However, in addition to adequate cover, the most practical corrosion protection method is considered to be that of covering the reinforcing bar itself by a material of corrosion-inhibiting nature. This paper presents the results of tests on epoxy coated reinforcing steel with comparative data on untreated and galvanised steel.
The results show that for a coating thickness of about 200 μm, satisfactory results are obtained regarding bendability of reinforcing steel, structural behaviour in reinforced concrete members, and corrosion protection properties. In a marine splash zone epoxy coated reinforcing steel demonstrates far superior corrosion protection effects compared with galvanized reinforcing steel. However, surface defects of reinforcing steel itself such as rolling flaws form weak points of coatings.