Corrosion process and abatement in reinforced concrete wrapped by fiber reinforced polymer

The corrosion performance of steel reinforcement embedded in concrete samples encased by carbon fiber reinforced polymer (CFRP) wraps was investigated experimentally. Concrete samples were wrapped with 0−3 fabric layers impregnated with one of two different epoxies. To accelerate corrosion, samples were subjected to an impressed current and a high salinity solution. Current flow measurements dynamically monitored corrosion activity during exposure, while reinforcement mass losses were measured following exposure. Theoretical predictions of total mass loss were compared with actual corrosion mass loss values. Test results indicated that CFRP wrapped specimens had prolonged test life, decreased reinforcement mass loss, and lower corrosion rates. The performance of wrapped specimens was superior to that of either control samples or those coated only with epoxy. Results indicated that the level of corrosion abatement provided by the CFRP wraps was influenced both by the type of epoxy used and the number of wrap layers.