Hands-on with Smart Concrete™ Producer, Hilltop Companies

Hilltop Companies, a Ready-Mix producer in Cincinnati, Ohio, welcomes Giatec for hands-on training

In an effort to continue delivering quality services and products to their customers, Hilltop Companies participated in a two-day training session where they received on-site and technical training on Smart Concrete™.

Smart Concrete™ is a value-added solution for ready-mix producers who want to enable their customers to obtain real-time concrete temperature and strength results on the jobsite. Such information is used to optimize various processes such as formwork removal, post-tensioning, curing optimization, and opening roads to traffic. Giatec is committed to making sure Smart Concrete™ producers are well educated and knowledgeable about the products they are presenting to their clients. In a time where smart technology is becoming increasingly important to save time and money, gather more accurate data, increase quality control, and help with the labor shortage in the construction industry, it’s important to make sure that technology is being utilized in the right and most efficient way possible.

Technical Training

During the interactive training session, Giatec presented Hilltop Companies with technical information on Smart Concrete™ sensors, their use and applications, as well as information about concrete maturity and why it’s critical to gather accurate temperature and strength data. Giatec also provided the training necessary for the sales and marketing of Smart Concrete™ to Hilltop’s new and existing ready-mix customers, enabling them to upsell their mixes, increase profitability, differentiate themselves in the local markets, gain market share, and increase customer loyalty.

On-Site Training with Hilltop Companies

During the visit to Hilltop Companies in Cincinnati, Ohio, Giatec met with general contractors and provided on-site training to ensure all parties are properly trained on correct installation and use of Smart Concrete™ temperature and strength monitoring sensors. As a smart technologies manufacturer and supplier, it’s important that Giatec pass on all the knowledge necessary for Smart Concrete™ producers to properly utilize, sell, and market such tools to their client base.

What Hilltop Companies Had to Say

“The Smart Concrete training generated quality discussion and insight for our new endeavor into maturity. We now feel confident to fully train our customers in the field.” - Mary Michael Jett, Quality Representative, Hilltop Companies