3 Easy Steps to Obtaining Real-Time Concrete Temperature and Strength Results

Now you're ready to wirelessly connect to the sensor at any time and obtain the real-time strength and temperature data of your concrete.

Wireless concrete sensors

Tag your sensor with location information both in the dedicated mobile app and on the sensor itself.


Install the SmartRock2™ wireless concrete temperature sensor on the rebar by twisting the metal wires together to activate the device.


After installing the sensor in the formwork, pour concrete as usual.


Installing wireless temperature sensor
Tag smartrock2 concrete maturity sensor
Pouring concrete over smartrock2 wireless concrete sensor

Wireless Bluetooth Technology

Easily monitor sensor data wirelessly using the SmartRock app on a smartphone or tablet.

Using the ASTM C1074 standard for maturity-based strength, SmartRock2™ can accurately estimate the strength of concrete over time.

ASTM Strength Estimation

Ensure everyone has the most updated results with automatic sharing and updating across your team's devices.

Team Data Sharing

Optimize Break Tests

Reduce or eliminate the need for concrete cylinder break tests using the maturity function of the SmartRock2™.

Easily Monitor Concrete Temperature and Maturity in Real-Time

Why Our Customers Love SmartRock2™

“The SmartRock2™ has been friendly in establishing maturity curves for our Wind Turbine projects. While on-site, the Bluetooth capabilities have made the process of data retrieval simpler, and the ease of use of the application has saved time where it counts.”

Ryan Janowicz

Lead Project Engineer, Wanzek Construction Inc.

“Monitoring of the real time strength using SmartRocks has allowed us to advise airport personnel when to open a runway for use on a critical 56 hour closure. Their ability to remain below the top slab elevation allows workmen to place and finish the concrete without disturbing the sensors. The software has been excellent in strength estimation.”

Walter H. Flood

P.E., Principal at Flood Testing Labs

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