SmartRock™ Plus Allows Ready-Mix Producers to Differentiate Themselves

Concrete producers looking to differentiate themselves to wall contractors can stand out from their competition by offering SmartRock™ Plus. SmartRock™ Plus offers four key benefits for these foundation contractors.

1) Live Data Sharing: Through SmartRock™ Plus’s live data sharing capabilities, the office can see real-time strength of the concrete as soon as it is updated by the crew in the field. This provides the management team with transparency to what’s happening on site. Even more, the engineer, architect, or building inspector can get pdf reports sent to them directly from the cell phone app.

2) Backfill Safely: Backfilling too soon can cause foundation walls to crack, especially in colder weather. With SmartRock™ Plus, the crew knows the real-time strength of the concrete, so they know if it is strong enough, as the engineer directs, to hold the loads imposed by backfilling. This reduces the chance of cracking the foundation, and the cost and safety implications of performing structural repairs.

3) Load the Foundation Earlier: When lifting houses, it is important to get the residents back home as quickly as possible. By knowing real-time strength, contractors can know when to safely load the foundation without having to wait on the testing lab. For house lifting contractors, this can speed up the project by days, especially in warmer weather.

4) Faster Project Completion: When the foundation gets loaded earlier, the project gets completed faster. This means the contractor can move his equipment to the next job sooner. Faster project completion means happier clients and also means more projects can be completed in a year which is good for the profitability of the foundation contractor.

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The SmartRock™ Plus solution allows ready-mix producers to offer customers the ability to monitor the temperature and strength of any concrete pour in real-time using our award-winning SmartRock™ sensors. Learn More!