The Advantages of SmartRock2 Over Conventional Concrete Temperature Monitoring Methods

Hundreds of GCs use the SmartRock2™ sensors for real-time monitoring of concrete temperature and strength on their job-sites. This mobile-based technology helps contractors optimize their critical operations including formwork removal, post-tensioning, and opening road to traffic.

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The easiest way to monitor concrete temperature and strength

The Easiest Way To Monitor Concrete Temperature and Strength

Compliant with the ASTM C1074 standard, SmartRock2™ allows for real-time monitoring of concrete temperature, maturity and strength. Accepted by most of the DOTs, this method can be used instead of the break test for in-place strength measurements. Watch this video to learn how this novel sensor can help streamline your projects and enable your jobsite with smart technologies.

Watch the smart sensor video here

Concrete Temperature Monitoring Systems

Concrete temperature monitoring systems

Smart Technologies Stand Out Above the Rest

Without a need to have dedicated data reader or external wiring, the fully embedded SmartRock2™ brings the world of wireless mobile-based technology to the concrete industry. It allows you to seamlessly monitor and share sensor data with the project team using the free smartphone or tablet app.

Smart Concrete Sensors

Why are Contractors Going Wireless?

"Monitoring of the real time strength using SmartRocks has allowed us to advise airport personnel when to open a runway for use on a critical 56 hour closure. Their ability to remain below the top slab elevation allows workmen to place and finish the concrete without disturbing the sensors. The software has been excellent in strength estimation."

Walter H. Flood, P.E.
Principal, Flood Testing Labs, IL, USA