SmartRock Sensors Help Project Managers Make Quick Decisions

Wanda Vista is a nearly 100-story skyscraper currently under construction in Chicago (Illinois) and will be the city’s third largest tower upon completion. The project includes various post-tensioned elements. To apply tension on the cables in these elements, it is critical to ensure that the concrete has enough strength in order to avoid any cracking or damages during this process.

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Real-time access to this information significantly helps with the optimization of schedules and often results in moving faster to the next steps in the project construction. The SmartRock® sensor was therefore an ideal solution selected for this project. This wireless concrete sensor can be easily embedded in the concrete before placement.

The recorded data can be accessed at any time using a mobile app that analyzes the results in real-time to provide information on concrete temperature profile as well as its strength. This information which can be live-shared between the project collaborators help project managers make efficient decisions on pulling the cables and in turn complete the project earlier compared to when traditional break test is used for quality control.

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