How One Company Used Smart Concrete Sensors to Power Through High-Rise Construction

The construction of the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Boston, Massachusetts (renamed the Encore Boston Harbor) in spring 2018 was a massive undertaking that included 28 floors and 150,000 cubic yards of poured concrete.

In a region in which post-tensioned buildings are not the norm, one of the biggest hurdles for this project was finding a fast, efficient way to test concrete temperature and strength at the same time. Traditional temperature loggers just wouldn't cut it and break tests were not only time consuming, but also unreliable.

Wynn Hotel and Casino Construction Site Conditions

Site conditions during the construction of the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Boston, Massachusetts

Solution: SmartRock2 wireless maturity meters for in-situ concrete strength

Giatec's SmartRock2 concrete maturity meters proved to be the most cost-effective and economical option given the large scale of this project. Here’s a brief overview of the savings that resulted from the use of SmartRock2.

Reduced break tests

In tests comparing the SmartRock2 sensor data to the results of the cylinder breaks, the maturity meters consistently provided similar, if not more accurate, results than the lab break tests. As such, contractors were confident and able to eliminate early break tests.

One cylinder not being at strength could cost us an entire day on site.
--Steve Pirrello, Project Manager of S&F Concrete, the contractor working on the Wynn hotel project

Optimized post-tensioning

With the data provided by the SmartRock2 sensors, tensioning of slabs could be scheduled within an hour of the concrete achieving the required strength instead of waiting a minimum of 24 hours for break test results.

Facilitated internal data sharing

Screenshot of the SmartRock2 App for Easy Data Sharing

With Giatec's free SmartRock2 app, you can share concrete temperature and strength results with the simple click of a button

According to the project manager, the ability to share real-time data internally with contractors and engineers was the best feature of SmartRock2 maturity sensors. Communicating with the project's foreman and scheduling post-tensioning was as easy as sending a screenshot of the sensor data (located in the SmartRock2 app) the minute the concrete reached the required strength. They could then tension the slabs within the hour without waiting on results from the lab.

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