Intermat Paris 2018: SmartRock® Plus Concrete Sensors on the Global Stage

Giatec Is Exhibiting at Intermat Paris 2018
Giatec Is Exhibiting at Intermat Paris 2018

Paris, here we come! The Giatec office is buzzing with activity as we prepare for the International Exhibition for Construction and Infrastructure, a.k.a. Intermat.

Safely Pour Concrete Under Any Weather Conditions

The leading concrete sensor for real-time temperature and strength monitoring

This year’s show is taking place from the 23rd to 28th of April 2018, and will welcome 1,500 exhibitors and 183,000 visitors from 167 countries.

Not only are we looking forward to seeing the latest trends in concrete technology, but we’re also excited to showcase our own smart concrete sensors as well as the new and improved SmartRock app.

About Intermat

Intermat takes place in Paris every three years and attracts visitors from various sectors of the construction world, including:

  • Earthmoving & demolition
  • Buildings & concrete
  • Roads, minerals & foundations
  • Lifting, handling & transportation

The goal of Intermat is to bring together construction companies, building contractors, equipment manufacturers, and even journalists in order to show the international community today’s most innovative solutions for civil engineering and structural building works.

Popular Events at Intermat Paris 2018

Here are just some of the events we’re looking forward to.

World of Concrete Europe (WOCE)

World of Concrete Europe (WOCE) 2018 Logo
Photo credit: World of Concrete Europe

Co-located with Intermat, World of Concrete Europe is a valuable platform that brings together key players from the European concrete industry. It’s where manufacturers, specifiers, and end users of concrete can exchange knowledge and gain inspiration from each other. For us, it’s a great way to gain perspective of where the European concrete industry is at and where it’s headed.

Concrete Demos

Concrete Demos at WOCE 2018
Photo credit: World of Concrete Europe 2018

Organized by WOCE, Concrete Demos is a space devoted entirely to showcasing concrete products in action. With non-stop demonstrations of product applications, this section already promises to be a giant playground and focal point of the show.

Intermat Demo

Intermat Demo - Intermat Paris 2018
Photo credit: Intermat Paris 2018

Intermat Paris is the only international exhibition that has an outdoor area where construction companies can show their equipment and machinery in action. The great thing about these live demonstrations is that you can witness the performance of these products in real-life jobsite conditions. It’s sure to be a main attraction.

The Shift to Digital Construction

Digital Construction Technologies - Giatec
Photo credit: Intermat Paris 2018

This hour-long presentation will look at the rising use of technology in the construction industry, specifically how the digital revolution is simplifying traditional workflows and increasing efficiency for construction companies.

Where to Find Us

As a company that’s driving digital change in the construction industry, Giatec couldn’t be more excited to be part of this gathering of world thought leaders. It will also be a great opportunity for us to re-connect with old clients and meet new ones.

Giatech Booth Location at Intermat Paris 2018
Find us at Intermat 2018 in Hall 6, Row H, Booth?059

So if you happen to be in Paris between April 23rd and 28th, make sure to visit the Giatec booth. We’ll be in Hall 6, Row H, Booth 059. And don’t worry if you can’t make it. We’ll be posting live updates from the event across all our social media channels so you won’t miss a thing!

Stay tuned for updates as we prepare for the show!

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