Insulated Mold Cylinders better emulate In-Place Strength Development

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Currently patent-pending, Concrete Block Insulating Systems’ TempGuard – a 4 x 8 inch foam mold, aims to replace plastic concrete test cylinders with the benefit of eliminating nearly all need for curing boxes. That is to say, TempGuard’s insulating properties have been demonstrated to drastically reduce and slow the detrimental effects that variable jobsite temperatures have on concrete test cylinder curing.

This innovative EPS foam mold performs in hot or cold conditions by monitoring specimen temperature changes while ensuring that the test material cures more like in-place concrete. Eskimold engineers claim that TempGuard molds yield “better and more realistic test results in both jobsite and factory environments, without any change from regular specimen handling or testing methods.”

In order to test specimen stability in cold weather conditions, Eskimod engineers had place fresh concrete, at a temperature of 73.5 F, in plastic as well as in TempGuard cylinders at 25 F outdoor temperatures. They observed that concrete that was in the plastic cylinder dipped to 32 F in around 5 hours – about one-quarter the time that the TempGuard specimen held a temperature above freezing.

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