Giatec May 2015 Newsletter

John Oliver, the host of HBO’s Last Week Tonight show has been vociferously exposing problems in America free of television censorship thanks to the paid television network on which the show is hosted.During the segment aired on March 8th, he exposed poor state of America’s infrastructure by comparing it to that of a Lego set. He pointed out that although infrastructure may not be the most glamorous and ‘sexy’ topic, it is vitally important to the economy. Using his intelligent humor, he was able to shine a spotlight on an unpopular subject and make Americans realise they are dealing with a serious issue. Read more 

ACI Spring 2015 Convention The bi-annual conventions by the American Concrete Institute provide a great opportunity to discuss the challenges in the concrete industry and develop new guideline to address them. It also brings together the industry leaders, academic experts, and motivated student to build a network of excellence that will ultimately reinforces the community efforts to develop novel solutions for the sustainable infrastructure. Read more

Self-Healing Bio-Concrete As solid and reliable as concrete structures may seem, they share one common enemy: tension. Over time, concrete will crack and deteriorate. An invention by Delft University microbiologist Hendrik Jonkers offers an innovative approach to creating more stable concrete by adding limestone-producing bacteria to the mix. This self-healing bio-concrete aims to provide a cheap and sustainable solution, markedly improving the lifespan of buildings, bridges and roads. Read more

Global Dealer Network Giatec has developed advanced testing technologies for the durability-based quality control of concrete and accurate inspection of infrastructure. These NDT devices have been offered to customers in more than 25 countries. This was made possible through a global network of distributors and dealers in different countries including Humboldt, Matest and Geneq.