Giatec April 2015 Newsletter

The electrical resistivity test method has been utilized to measure and evaluate the properties of fresh and hardened concrete (Concrete International, May 2015). Giatec RCON2 is the most advanced testing device designed for this purpose. RCON2 is a stand-alone laboratory equipment that employs a wide range of electrical current frequencies it passes through concrete and accurately analyzes the response to calculate the impedance and phase angle, two parameters used to calculate the concrete resistance. The electrical resistivity measurement has been standardized as in the AASHTO TP 95 and an upcoming ASTM standard. 

Success Stories 

“The RCON device is an amazing tool for the concrete arena. We have successfully used the RCON on a wide variety of projects. It's ease of use coupled with data relating to permeability helps us determine the appropriateness of concrete mixtures and the impact of the constituents.” Dr. Jon Belkowitz at Intelligent Concrete. More 

A recent study at NIST has focused on an interesting approach to predict the setting time of fresh concrete by monitoring the changes in the electrical resistivity of concrete during the first few hours of hydration (Construction and Building Materials Journal). More

Dr. Victor Li at the University of Michigan demonstrated that it is possible to detect and monitor microcrack development using electrical resistivty as simultaneously measured on samples under load (Cement and Concrete Research Journal). More

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