Concrete among components for first prefab apartment in NYC

GLUCK+ spearheads first prefab steel and concrete residential development under construction in New York City

Design studio GLUCK+, formerly Peter Gluck and Partners, is currently seeing its latest project come to life in New York City. The 7-storey residential complex will be the first prefabricated steel and concrete residential block in NYC and when completed it will comprise of 28 individual apartments.


Entitled Broadway Stack, the project was designed for developers Jeffrey Brown and Kimberly Frank and is located at 4857 Broadway in Manhattan. Brown details: “This project exemplifies the opportunity to create an exciting design for living while enjoying the benefits of efficiencies of controlled, offsite fabrication. As builders and developers, we are intrigued with this methodology and its application on a multitude of new projects.”

The prefab parts of the Broadway Stack residences are being created offsite in Pennsylvania by DeLuxe Building Systems and will be assembled onsite as 56 separate modules to ensure a sustainable construction process with limited disruption to the local community. Traditional methods have been used to form the foundations and concrete first floor but the remainder of the property will be created over 4 weeks by assembling the prefab parts.

Peter Gluck, Founder and Principal at GLUCK+ explains: “We’ve designed and constructed buildings for over 30 years that have achieved the highest level of design, and only recently have talked about our architect-led design build philosophy. True understanding and involvement in the construction of a project greatly enhances our ability to produce great design. This approach can mitigate risk and expedite decision-making across all spectrums - municipal, institutional and private development.”

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