Components of SmartRock™ Plus

While the SmartRock™ Plus system is a full business solution for improving ready mix producer market share, customer loyalty, and profitability, at the heart are three primary components: sensors, the mobile application, and the cloud.


The sensors are revolutionary in that they incorporate the most powerful commercially available wireless chip to be able to penetrate up to two inches of concrete cover. This small 2 inch square black box includes a tail to a thermocouple that measures the temperature of the concrete at any desired location. The tail can be short, 16 inches, or long, 10 feet. The longer tail allows you to reach into the depths of a mass concrete element for measuring core temperature.

Mobile App

An easy to use cell phone app is important for contractors in the field. The large text and simple navigation make it user-friendly on the job site. Through the app, contractors can activate sensors, read sensors, review concrete performance, and generate reports in PDF format that can be emailed directly from their mobile device. The power in the app comes in the data sharing capabilities. Users with either an Android or iOS device can see, in real-time, all of the sensors on the job site from any other user that is connected to a project. This data it is also uploaded to the cloud as soon as the sensor data is downloaded.


Through a website interface, ready mix producers can access all of the SmartRock™ Plus data that is on the cloud. Again, all of the data on the cloud is produced by the contractors in the field, on the job site, and automatically uploaded to the cloud. In the website interface, the concrete producer can see a map of every smart concrete project they have supplied, and through that map can then see all the sensors on a project. The cloud interface is also used for inputting and managing mixture calibrations and managing the mobile app appearance for their users.

Traditional maturity systems are good at reporting a simple maturity number, however the SmartRock™ Plus system is a powerful tool for managing a mass of maturity data across projects and across a large market area.

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